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Article: Prostate Massager Guide for Beginners

Prostate Massager Guide for Beginners
Men's Health

Prostate Massager Guide for Beginners

What is a Prostate Massager?

Prostate massagers are, first and foremost, a way to achieve a prostate orgasm. These devices are often 1) electronic and 2) curved to naturally point at the prostate itself to deliver sensations by stroking, thrusting, or vibrating.

How to Use a Prostate Massager

1. Maintain good hygiene

We all know what goes on through the back door. So, since the rectum can be an area containing bacteria, it’s anal play best practice to keep anal toys super clean. If constantly cleaning it is a pain, put a condom over the toy for quick clean-up.
Regardless though, make sure your anal toys and fingers are sanitized before using.  

2. Get comfortable an d get warmed up

The muscles in and around your anus need time to relax. Light some candles, put on some sexy music, and ease into the experience. If you are engaging in a prostate massage with a partner, be sure to take your time with foreplay. Once you are relaxed and turned on, find a position that gives you easy access for prostate stimulation. Consider lying on your back with your knees up, or face down on your stomach with your partner behind you.

3. Use lots of lube

Yo. We cannot stress this enough. YOU NEED A LOT OF LUBE.
The anus is not self-lubricating. That means you need to bring a lubricant into the mix. Opt for thicker gel-like lubricants as these are best at clinging to the skin and toys.
That said, you’ll want to lube up both the toy and your anus.
If you are feeling friction or pain you should both, slow down and add more lube.

4. Start with a finger.

Before using a sex toy for prostate massage, consider working your way up to it by trying fingering first. For comfort, trim your fingernails or wear a glove. After applying lube, slide your finger an inch or two into the anus, and hold it there for a moment, allowing your sphincter muscles to get used to the sensation. Once comfortable, slide your finger deeper until you feel a rough bump about three inches inside your rectum. Rub your finger lightly against the upper side of your rectum towards the base of the penis in a “come hither” motion. If you are performing this on a partner, make sure to communicate well, and listen carefully to what feels good and what doesn’t. If there is discomfort or pain, remove your finger slowly. Try inserting a clean finger and exploring with a come hither motion. If reaching around is hard, try broadly massaging the taint with one hand while slowly stroking the penis with the other.  

5. Insert the toy slowly and listen to your body

Ok, if everything has felt good so far. You’re ready to insert.
With a lubricated anus and toy, gently coax the toy inside. Make sure the perineum stimulator is sitting on your taint (closest to your balls.) On our premium prostate massager, the perineum stimulator is customizable so you can enjoy the right pressure, fit, and angle.
Listen to your body while doing this and DON’T force anything. When you’re an anal toy beginner you’ll need to take baby steps.
Tip: If inserting is difficult try adding more lube and twisting the toy as you insert.
Once the toy is placed inside comfortably, turn it on to the lowest setting and try to sense if it’s placed well.
You’ll know when you’ve hit the spot.

6. Go hands-free

If you have a remote control prostate massager like then you are in for a hell of a hands-free orgasm.
Once the prostate toy is inserted well, you have two free hands to do whatever you want. This is what makes anal toys so fun. Once they’re inserted, you’re free to have sex, masturbate, pleasure your partner, or just ride the wave with the massager remote control.

7. Explore positioning

There’s no wrong way to position yourself while stimulating the prostate. While you explore you will find a position that feels just right.
You can use a prostate toy while on all fours, lying across the lap of a partner, laying on your side with one leg up to your chest, or laying on your stomach with your bum in the air. Some also enjoy stimulation while standing.
All positions are fair game. Explore what feels good.

8. Come again

Unlike penile orgasms, there is no refractory period for prostate orgasms. So you can come again, and again and again. (It’s not just women who can enjoy multiple orgasms!)
Climaxes when using a prostate massager are often described as “deeper” and “far stronger” than penile orgasms. It has been described as an orgasm that explodes from the inside out.  
Often you won’t ejaculate quite the same as you would after penile stimulation. Instead of ejaculating powerfully, you may find that a bit of semen slowly seeps out. (Hence the name “prostate milking.”) This is perfectly normal and to be expected.

9. Talk with your doctor about prostate problems.

If you are considering prostate massage therapy as a treatment for a prostate condition, consult a medical professional first. A doctor may perform a prostate exam in order to identify prostate cancer or chronic prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate gland. While antibiotics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are typically used to address prostatitis, your doctor may also suggest prostate massage therapy as a treatment. If you experience pain during ejaculation, pelvic pain, or difficulty with your urine flow, talk to your doctor immediately.

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